About us

AkoTec was founded in 2008 and is based in Angermunde, 80 km from Berlin.
From the absence of good products in the global market, there arose the idea to develop
and produce high performance, high vacuum tube collectors to produce thermal energy.
And AkoTec took birth.

More than 30 years of experience
Dipl.Ing (Engineer) Reinhold Weiser, General Manager of AkoTec and well known expert
of solar thermal systems has accumulated experience of 30 years in Solar thermal
products and system concepts.
He has played a significant role in the development of the NARVA vacuum tube.

Not to be beaten in Quality and Performance!

Process, products and complete collector assemblies are developed by AkoTec. All collectors
are manufactured in Angermünde.

The systems and collectors undergo continuous developments/ improvements to achieve
increased efficiency and cost reduction. Only then can we produce high end products
and cater to new applications like district heating plants and industrial process heat.

The automated processing of the collector elements, i.e. copper pipes ensure stable, high quality
standards. Brazed connections are produced with the electric arc brazing process.
This procedure has very little burden/stress on the material, because the heat is very localized and
deployed in targeted space. This ensures high size accuracy of copper parts.
With this technology, high quality products through mass production become competitive for all
market segments. We can not only offer solar thermal systems for single- / multi-family-houses,
but also for industrial applications like paint shops, hotels and laundry service.

All collector components 100% „Made in Germany“
This way we can ensure the best quality and logistics. Since the foundation of the
Co we have saved 4700 ton CO2 since our heating is 100% Carbon free.

Tested and Certified
Our full vacuum tube collectors are tested by TÜV institute for performance and hail impact resistance.
The collectors have successfully undergone the intensified impact-from-hail test. Many insurance
companies require this test. During this endurance test, 40 mm ice balls were shot with an impact
speed of 100 km/h onto the collectors and especially the tubes. Furthermore the collectors are
certified with the Solar Keymark.

In the year 2008 the tube was awarded with the Innovation Prize. In 2012 we were honored
with the Future Award of Brandenburg.
All of this guarantees high quality and performance of our products.


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