Solar thermal local heating

Local heating networks offer opportunity of transporting decentralised energy to the consumer in
residential areas, communities or bioenergy villages. They have a high efficiency with a high
level of regional value-added.
Heating systems are operating with biomass frequently, what involves durable employment of personnel.
And now there is the completely supply of bioenergy villages with solar thermal heat while the majority of local
heating systems were operating with biogas and biomass thermal power stations. The size of the seasonal
heat storage systems plays an essential role.
The size of heat storage systems used for local heating concepts varies from 1.000 m³ – 12.000 m³.

Schematic diagram Solar Thermal local heating



Pfeil supply of housing areas and large heat consumers

Pfeil up to 100 % solar heat supply

Pfeil large storages with low heat loss

Pfeil realization of a non-achieved profitability up to now

Pfeil energy self-sufficiency, security of supply and renewability

Pfeil climate friendly, ecological technology

Pfeil combination with biomass heating systems possible

Pfeil energy costs approx. 80,- €

Solar thermal local heating Nechlin

Solar thermal local heating large storage

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