Process heat

The use of solar energy in private houses has almost become standard. Solar process heat is essentially needed in
many industrial sectors. Despite especially large energy consumers like agriculture and industry that could make
contribution to the energy transition restrain themselves.
Finally, the industry is responsible for approx. 70 % of the total energy consumption. The industrial sector is
an attractive application area due to the proceeded low and medium temperature processes (smaler 190 ° C).
A large part of the final energy for processes can be replaced by using solar thermal systems.

Process heat is applicated in sectors with high heat requirement, e.g. breweries, industrial-scale-laundries,
paint shops and agriculture.
It is required for various production processes:

process heat -Pfeil Drying, hardening

Pfeil Washing, Rinsing

Pfeil - process heat Sterilizing

Process heat can also be used for sea water desalination and for cooling together with a refrigeration machine.

What should be noted when planning a solar process heat system?

Depending on the chosen application, there are different temperatures needed and different system dimensioning assumed.
Due to that, systems for solar process heat are much larger than heating supporting systems, there is much more space

Processes in low and medium temperature segment are advantageous because the efficiency factor decreases at increasing
temperatures. Large-scale storage systems are used to avoid faults while production processes through daily or seasonal
fluctuations. Obviously a conventional heating system should be maintained to have further reserve capacity besides the
storage tank.
Syncing heat requirement and solar supply are optimum conditions. This is often applicable to solar cooling or air
conditioning as well as applications with daily operation.

process heat

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