Solar thermal areas of application

The sun is at least during the day omnipresent and available at no cost for everyone. The entire amount
of impacting energy is more than ten thousand times higher than the energy demand of all humanity. The
capability is higher than of all other renewable energies together.

Why do we not take advantage of this energy source?

A solar thermal system with highly efficient vacuum insulation can help to get out of the financial trap.
As there are no raw materials needed the consumption costs are close to zero. Additionally the heat is
generated pollution-free.

With a solar thermal system it is possible to support your existing heating as well as to completely supply
your hot water demand. Furthermore solar thermics is applicable in the industrial sector, e.g. for generating
process heat.
Even an entire village can be supplied through a solar local heat plant. The solar system is applied as a small
self-sufficient heating plant.

The principle of generating heat with our full vacuum tube collectors is simple:
Heat transfer medium flows in a thin copper pipe. A blue coloured absorber is located above, made of copper,
which absorbs the sun heat. Thus the heat transfer medium in the pipe is heated. Ensured by the vacuum the
heat is transported to the storage tanks. The collectors have an efficiency factor of 80 %. This is what
makes the main difference to modules for generating electricity. After all, their efficiency factor amounts
20 %. Especially systems for heating support or self-sufficient houses take profit form the effectivity of
the vacuum insulation.

Various mounting possibilities enable to install our solar systems on nearly every building.

You are interested in an AkoTec solar system but you do not know whether your house has the necessary conditions?
Please contact us via the online form. We will be pleased to give you advice.

grüne Querlinie
Solarthermie Anlage auf einem Einfamilienhaus mit 2 Ferienwohnungen mit 210 direct flow Röhren, ca. 21 kWp Leistung Solares Nahwärmenetz, 1080 direct flow Power Röhren, Schrägdach Montage Solarthermie Anlage für eine Seniorenresidenz, Woodstock, Kanada, ca. 325 KWp, 3240 direct flow Röhren, Brauchwassererwärmung, Pool- und Raumheizung, Kühlung Solarthermie Anlage für ein Einfamilienhaus, Fassadenmontage, 60 direct flow Powerröhren, Brauchwassererwärmung und Heizungsunterstützung

Solar Thermal

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