STC – Single Tube Collector

The STC – Single Tube Collector is an innovative and unique collector made of one unit: vacuum tube and
manifold. Both components build the collector. The STC is provided with the Quick-Clip system which is
well-known from df and hp collectors.

The STC – Single Tube Collector was developed for large plants and industrial applications. The collectors
can be connected in one field with up to 250 tubes and 25 kWp performance. Every amount of tubes is possible
which means it is not relevant if 7, 11, 37 or 145 tubes are connected. Therefor this reduces the mounting
and piping effort in a solar field considerably.


Moreover the STC is a flexible alternative in the private customer sector instead of the rigid collector
casing system. It makes a precise adjustment to the demand and local conditions possible.
The low installation costs and the improved performance are significant advantages of the STC.

STC - Single Tube Collector - Diagramm

STC – Single Tube collector

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