Our collectors are especially characterised by their 4 times higher efficiency factor than solar modules for electricity generation. They are applicated in private use like domestic water heating and heating support, as well as in the industrial sector for cooling and process heat. Even 100 % solar heating is possible

But not only the application is miscellaneous, also the mounting options are multifaceted.
From flat roof to facade mounting, everything can be installed without using heavy tools due to the plug-in connections.

The 100% German product offers highest yields and safety against hail and overheating plus stable energy yields for over 25 years at a 10 years warranty.

The color of our collectors can be adapted to match to your individual need.
We supply the housing in 213 RAL colours.
Do you prefer a special colour, just contact us.

A further great advantage our vacuum tube collectors: you can connect them to a large field.

RAL colours

The distance between the tubes is always the same. So you can install the df collector optionally as a field of 5 up to 70 tubes. The hp collector can be used in field up to 90 tubes.
The HP collectors can be used in field up to 90 tubes.

AkoTec Collectors are tested by TÜV institute and certified with the Solar Keymark.

Logo Solar Keymark

heat pipe Full-Vacuum tube for collector direct flow Full-Vacuum tube collector

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