Collector Yield Label

The Collector yield Label is an optional product label for solar thermal systems of manufacturer in the solar branch.
It enables consumer to catch up on performance and earnings power of different solar collectors to find the most suitable collectors for their needs.

The well-known energy labels e.g. on refrigerator and washing machines inform customer concerning the energy consumption of
the product and categorize them into different classes. The scale ranges from red for the worst energy class to green for a
very low energy consumption.
However the collector yield label informs about the heat yield of the product. The scale is completely green because solar
thermal collectors consume practically no energy. With these information the collectors can be compared according to their
annual efficiency and the possible savings.
The yields of the collectors date from the Solar Keymark data sheets published by DIN CERTCO .

The collector yield label relates to the ErP-Efficiency Label from the European Union. With the collector yield label
manufacturers call attention to the progressiveness of the solar thermal energy and its clean technology. The use of
solar collectors can optimize the energy balance and enable huge savings to the homeowners.

Collector Yield Label

Collector yield Label

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