100° C heat pipe full vacuum tube

In the 100° C heat pipe tube is used a valve-free construction to limit the temperature. The temperature of the
condensor does not exceed 100° C, even in case of stagnation. Therefore the collector system is inherently safe.

The choice of the evaporator fluid was made so that neither frost damages can enter nor the fluid decomposes in
the period of 20 years.

The condensor was optimized in size and geometry in order to reach high efficiencies and a very large scope
according to the inclination angle of the collector.

Cut-off on the principle of NARVA functioning


Product Advantages:

– inherently safe: no stagnation management necessary
– purely physical cut-off: no deterioration of building elements
– temperature limit avoids dangerous steam stokes (cavitation)
– cut-off temperature: 100° C
– expansion tank 60 % less than at collector systems with high stagnation temperatures
– line vessel is not necessary
– absorber and heat transfer tube are protected by vacuum
– patented glass-to-metal connection enables 20 years stable vacuum
– as Power tubes available (absorber coated both sides)
– high efficiency factor
– weather-resistant nano coating for high hail resistance (hail Impact test EN 12975-2 TÜV Rheinland)

Area of Application

– heating support and domestic water heating
– process heat
– complete heating and hot water in solar homes

Cut-off curve

Diagramm_eng 100° C heat pipe tube

Specifications of the 100° C heat pipe tube

specification 100° C heat pipe tube

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