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General Information

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Product Advantages

AkoTec Flyer
Abstract of References
Alleinstellungsmerkmal Flyer_neu RefListe
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Planing sheet

Manufacturer warranty
Imagebroschure Download Planing sheet Manufacturer warranty
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Installation Instructions

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HP Collector

DF Collectors
Planning and commissioning
 Download Montageanleitung für heat pipe Kollektoren Montageanleitung für direct flow Kollektoren Planungs- und Inbetriebnahme
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Rooftop Collector
mounting set

Flat Roof mounting System
Vario Pro
Inflecs Pro
Elevation Set
Rooftop mountign set für Solar Collectors Flat roof mounting system Vario-Pro for Solar Collectors Inflecs Pro for Solar Collectors Elevation Set for Solar Collectors
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Instruction Annular Hose

Instruction Spiral Piping
Air Pot df and hp
Download Montageanleitung für Wellschlauch Montageanleitung für Spiralrohr Installation Instruction direct flow and heat pipe
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Solar Controller TDC 3

Solar Controller DeltaSol SLL
Product Sheet
Solar Controller DeltaSol SL
Solar Station SenCon Basic
Installation Manual Solar Controller TDC3 Solarregler DeltaSol SLL Beiblatt DeltaSol SL Serie Installation Manual Solar Station SenCon Basic
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Compact Solar System

Installation Manual Compact Solar System
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Certificates and test reports

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Yield Verification

Hail Damage Test
Solar Keymark DF
Certificate Solar Keymark DF
Ertragsnachweis direct flow Full Vacuumtubecollectors Hail Damage Test Full Vacuumtubecollectors Solar Keymark Certificate for direct flow Solar collektors TüV Report dierect flow Kollektoren
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Solar Keymark HP

Certificate Solar Keymark HP
Solar Keymark Zertifikat heat pipe Solarkollektoren TÜV Report heat pipe Kollektoren
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Data sheets

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Energy Label data sheet
hp standard
Energy Label data sheet
hp power
Energy Label data sheet
df standard
Energy Label data sheet
df power
Energy label Data sheet hp standard Energy label Data sheet hp power Energy label Data sheet df standard Energy label Data sheet df power
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Energy Label data sheet
Solar controller
Energy Label data sheet
Solar pumps
Solar controller Solar pump
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Solar cleaner

Safetysheet solar cleaner
Solarliquid VT51
Data sheet solar cleaner Safetysheet solar cleaner Product Information Solarliquid VT51 Safetysheet VT51
Solarliquid VT51 df
Solarliquid-VT51 df
Solarliquid VT51 hp
Solarliquid-VT51 hp
Product Information Solarliquid VT51 df Safetysheet VT51 df Product Information Solarliquid VT51 hp Safetysheet VT51 hp
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Data sheet
direct flow Collectors

Data sheet
heat pipe Collectors
Data sheet
100 ° C hp Tube
Datasheet of direct flow Kollektoren Downloads - Data sheet of heat pipe Collectors 100 degreeTube
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Pressure drop hp

Pressure drop df
Annular Hose WS DN16

Annular Hose WS DN20
Downloads - Pressure drop hp Pressure drop df Datenblatt Wellschlauch DN16 Datenblatt Wellschlauch DN20
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